• The Catagenesis Missile
  • A Fuegan Tiger Hornet with the Catagenesis and other missiles attached.

Developed to destroy narcotics bases in the empire, this massive smart missile is kind of like a ship all on its own. Powered by five M-Drives, it can travel in both the void of space and atmospheres, and find its target without any direction from where it is launched. Like most other Ta'Elan missiles, it can perform multiple roles, switching between roles mid-flight if needed.

As a standard cruise missile, it relies mainly on a pre-programmed map that leads to the target. However, should its mission change, the missile can rely on its on board computer and sensors to locate its new target and respond appropriately.

In cruise missile mode, the missile usually simply delivers the payload of its humongous warhead directly to the target. However, the missile has a secondary ability, which is similar to the StormBringer Missile. This ability is what gives the missile its name, Catagenesis, and is only used within an atmosphere (the missile uses gas stored in its war head to create a nebula in space if there is no atmosphere present). By stirring up opposing eletrical forces, and large amounts of heat, the Catagenesis Missile generates a powerful cyclonic storm, and then explodes, unleashing devastation over a wide area.

A third ability, which is only rarely used, is for the missile to hover over a target (usually a building) and rain down "hail" (packets of plasma), before dropping and exploding on the target, returning to the base, or moving on to another mission.