The Amphimedinastian Sea Hornet with a Storm Bringer Missile on top.

In 2900, missiles have taken a back seat to complex energy and force based weaponry, but they still play a vital role in warfare. Though rarely used by the Axizians, missiles are used extensively by the Humans and Ta'Elans. The Ta'Elans especially have advanced missile technology to the next level, with missiles such as the StormBringer, Catagenesis, and Earthquake Missiles. Multi-stage missiles are now common place, and some missiles are even reusable.

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Axizian MissilesEdit

  • Aspiozha Misellion
  • Darkness Missile
  • Dekstraktor Missile
  • DragonCannon Missile
  • Light Killer Missile
  • Needleray Missile
  • Vampiris Missile

Humans MissilesEdit

Ta'Elan MissilesEdit

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