Humans who have been integrated so deeply with machinery that it is part of their biological makeup. Axizian Cyborgs are created either from embryos or from young children, either of which are raised in "Cyborg Farms". Their conception, gestation, birth, and even growth usually occur in artificial environments with no human interaction. As a result, these Cyborgs learn to walk, eat, and even how to speak, through machines that feed stimuli to their brains. Despite this very stringent method of rearing their Cyborgs, the Axis still considers them to be unsuitable for tasks that might stir their latent emotions or their human tendency for compassion. Any Cyborg that appears to be showing such tendencies is either harshly disciplined, or put down.

Though they are human, the Axis considers Cyborgs to be akin to machines, and thus, as expendable as machines. Unconfirmed rumours have indicated that the Axizian Cyborgs have occasionally attempted to rebel, leading to mass casualities among their numbers. The reason given for such rebellion is that most Cyborgs are said to retain a knowledge of their humanity and long for the freedom that is denied to them.