DS32 LemonShark
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DS32 LemonShark
Primary Roles Interceptor, Desert Fighter
Secondary Roles Anti-tank Warfare, Coastal Patrol
Weapons Sonic Weapons

Magnetic Boom

2 Spatial Disruptors

12 Missiles, including Cateye, SeaSerpent and DealBreaker Missiles

2 Red Justice Lasers

4 35mm Cannons

1 Underbody Rapid Fire Cannon

Sensors *Super Radar
  • Echolocation
  • Multispectrum Sensors
Propulsion 1 Xg35 Hyperdrive and 2 Xi33 Hybrid-Nuclear Drives.

1 Nuclear Drive (Not generally involved directly in propulsion)

Cruising Speed Mach 0.95
Maximum Speed Mach 2.1, but capable of Mach 4.5 at higher altitudes.
ELA Unknown

A powerful Desert Fighter armed with sonic weaponry, the LemonShark was originally intended to be a Black Falcon killer. However, when the Black Falcons turned out not to be used a great deal against the GCN, the LemonShark was (to an extent) repurposed as a general interceptor for rugged and remote locations.