The glowing red area underneath the SF2 EagleRay is the outlet of its Eagle Ray weapon.

A powerful energy weapon found only on the GCN SF2 EagleRay. It uses lasers and crystals to generate a continuous beam of infrared and red light, which turns the air in its wake into plasma, and renders significant damage to the target with sustained usage. Even if an enemy escapes a direct hit, the instability and heat generated in the area is usually enough to cause significant damage.

Advantages: Edit

Despite being cumbersome and inefficient, the Eagle Ray serves as a useful tool against weaker targets, as a direct hit is not required to land a fatal blow. The Eagle Ray can kill an enemy pilot by shattering the target aircraft's canopy, or by causing the enemy pilot to fry within the cockpit. It can also cause vulnerable components and accessories, such as missiles, to fail, leading to damaging explosions.


Though the Eagle Ray has inspired other weapons, the risks involved with using this weapon have led to it not being used on any other aircraft or vehicle. It is also largely useless in space without a direct hit, as there is no air to heat. The Eagle Ray also requires way more energy than a conventional laser, so it was deemed too costly to use on other fighters.