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Primary Roles Elite (Territorial Dominance) War Drone.
  • Strategic Bomber.
  • Fighter Killer.
  • Vehicular Assassin.
Secondary Roles -
  • Anti-sub warfare
  • Electronic warfare.
Weapons Partly classified.
  • Various guns, including up to 125mm cannons.
  • Lasers.
  • Electronic interference weaponry.
  • EMP "lasers".
  • Sonic Weaponry.
  • 4 Hardpoints for missiles or bombs including:
    • Graveyard, DealBreaker, Cateye, and Apokalypse missiles.
    • Sunquencher, Doomsday, or Soulsearcher bombs.
Sensors (TODO)
Propulsion 3x Nuclear Drives and boosters
Cruising Speed Mach 2
Maximum Speed Mach 3.5
ELA Unknown

Created to dominate both sky and sea, the Negotiator is a fully independent elite War Drone in the Enforcer family. It carries not only some of the heaviest guns, but also some of the heaviest bombs, that any War Drone is allowed to carry. Its elite nature has cause the GCN to keep many details about it classified, even after 3 years of service. Very few member states of the GCN are allowed to utitlize its awesome power, and it is mostly wielded by the GCN itself against only the most important and difficult targets. It is the only member of the Enforcer family with 3 nuclear drive reactor cores, which it needs not only to power its advanced systems, but to give it the edge on speed and power its many boosters, which are used to improve its acrobatic ability.

The Negotiator has a massive wingspan to make up for its excessive payload. In turn, this increased wingspan also makes it perfect for high altitude and long term flights. Unlike other members of the Enforcer family, the Negotiator does not remain airborne for any longer than to finish its missions. This is because losing the Negotiator to the wrong hands could have terrible consequences.


Apart from the usual guns and cannons, the Negotiator has two pairs of high powered, highly concentrated lasers. These give it an edge over many of its opponents, and allow it to vapourize less beefed up targets from a safe distance. Its sonic weapons are unique within the family, and give it the ability to pulverize solid objects with nothing but the power of sound. Along with these, it also has electromagnetic weaponry that is largely classified. All that is known is that it heats targets until they explode or melt, and that it does it within mere seconds.

The Negotiator is the only member of the Enforcer family with a carbon nasal spike. Like the other members, it can ram enemies, but usually scratches them instead, to prevent causing serious damage to itself, so as to avoid being captured by enemies.


The Negotiator is the only member of the Enforcer family with a force field, and one strong enough to protect it from most small projectile fire and explosions. What remains to be seen is if it will be enough to fight off alien forces.