Axis Imperial Destroyer: Helionix
Class: Super Attack-Mothership
Size: 1600 miles long, approximately 620 miles high at its highest point.

- A number of Dragon Cannon Arrays on the sides, top, bottom, and rear of the ship.
- Three Griffon Cannon Arrays.
- Numerous Diamond Cannons, including Diamond Cannon Arrays on the underside and a "Check-Mate Beam" in the nose.
- 3 Axizian Star Cannons.
- 1 "Hell Raiser" Weapon above the Star Cannon Array.
- 2 Plasma Cannons on the sides.
- Electric Storm Generators on the underside and rear of the ship.
- Numerous Laser Cannons and unidentified Axis weapons on various parts of the body.
- Numerous Super Guns along various portions of the body.
- Tractor Beams on various parts of the body.
- 1 Kati Hive on the underside.

The Imperial Destroyer, or Helionix is the unrivaled king of the Axis attack-mothership arsenal. Covered all over with weapons, almost nothing would risk battle with this ship, which has been used to destroy entire planets after the inhabitants refused the offers of surrender, assimilation, or fealty. It is the largest Attack-Mothership in the Axis arsenal, and so far, only one of its kind is known to exist. Measuring a over 1000 miles, this beast cancels its own gravity through as yet unknown measures, but should it ever come to earth, the Axis can reverse this effect, creating devastating results.