IF24 Nesher
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Israeli Light Fighter, Nesher
Primary Roles Light Fighter
Secondary Roles Maritime Patrol
Weapons Partially Classified. Israel has shared some limited information with their allies but none of this is publicly available.


Super Radar Boom and Blocking capability

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 2 Israeli IFX 1230 Hyperdrives

1 Nuclear Drive

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

A stealthy, lightweight, but strong fighter, the IF24 Nesher (Eagle in Hebrew), is the main Israeli fighter craft. It is a sturdy gun and missile platform, and capable of taking on larger fighters such as the TigerShark. Israel created the Nesher to provide themselves with adequate indepence from both the GCN and their own allies, including the Covert Alliances.

Unlike most of the fighters in the GCN's lineup, which fill very specific niches, the Nesher was built to fill multiple roles in multiple environments, a typical Israel strategy that has not changed for hundreds of years. It is equally at as at home on an aircaft carrier as it is in deep jungles.