IF27i Kapparah (Atonement)
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Israeli Deep Cover Heavy Interceptor/Fighter, IF27i Kapparah.
Primary Roles Interceptor, Deep Cover Heavy Fighter
Secondary Roles Reconnaissance, Patrol, Recon And Destroy, Intruder
Weapons Largely classified.

Known: 2 Hyper-fire Cannons 3 lasers 2 Spatial Distortion devices Super Radar Offensive Overload Super Radar Boom Super Radar Blocking Electronic Counter Measures EMP Attack

Sensors Unknown
Propulsion 2 Israeli IFX 1280 Hyper-drives

2 Nuclear Drives with joint output

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

A Fighter/Interceptor, the fast, powerful and stealthy Kapparah is the Hebrew equivalent to both the GCN's GI92 Mako and SP21 Tiger Sharks. It sits right in between them in that it can function as a Fighter like the SP21, but can function as an interceptor like the GI92 and GI75 (Sleeper).

Its sleek body hides most of its weaponry internally; it carries no external missiles. Thanks to the ability to cloak itself both visually and virtually, the enemy usually has no clue that it is coming. As with the Nesher, the Kapparah is not designed for a niche, but rather fills multiple niches in one vessel. It is equally at home in the desert as it is at sea.