The Axis Lancia

The Axis Lancia is the smallest mothership at the Axis' disposal. It carries mostly shock troops and Kati Raiders.

Axis Mothership Lancia
Class: Micro Transport Mothership



  • 1 "Coldilocks" Array (Above the Cockpit).
  • 1 Tractor-beam underneath the nose.
  • 1 Cold-Fusion "Frying Plan" Array under the nose, and 1 Cold Fusion Laser on the nose.
  • 2 Tractor-beam/Cold-Fusion Lasers behind the cockpit.
  • 2 Dragon Cannon Arrays in the rear (beside the engine block).
  • 2 "Coldilocks" Nodes in the Engine Block
  • 5 "Coldilocks" Nodes under the body.


Created for transporting shock troops and raiders, the Lancia is one of the most unusual Axizian creations known. Though it has been alleged that its design was stolen from the Taelorians or some other civilization, the Lancia is of purely Axizian origin. Its small size and slim profile allow it to deliver troops and small ships to areas normally inaccessible to larger motherships, such as the Ultimatum. Like larger Axizian ships, it has very powerful weapons, but its weapons are not nearly as numerous as those of small attack ships like the Moth and Kati.

Like most Axizian motherships, the Lancia's design is based on a sea creature, the Lancelet.