Some attributes
Type: Terrestrial Planet
Satellite(s): Mediana
Population: 32 000 000
Mass: 0.8 Earth Masses
Tilt: 10°

Mediosa is the 8th planet in the Megachinus system. It is a small planet, 0.8 earth masses, with a tropical climate and six seasons. It is especially unusual in that it experiences different seasonal changes on opposite sides of the planet that are linked to the orbit of its moon/sister-planet, Mediana, which is 0.4 earth masses.


Mediosa has a thick upper atmosphere, which gives it a relatively high surface pressure, even for a planet with a gravitational field only 85% the strength of earth's.

Atmospheric Composition:Edit

Inner Atmosphere (Terrasphere):Edit

The inner atmosphere is similar to that of earth, with high amounts of nitrogen and oxygen (74.5% and 15.5% respectively), as well as helium (7.25%), argon (1.5%), water (0.25%) neon (0.825%) carbon dioxide (0.125%) and various lightweight compounds making up the remaining 0.05%.

Upper Atmosphere (Nasosphere):Edit

The upper atmosphere, or Nasosphere, is so named because of its high Nastium Oxide content. It is what gives Mediosa (and Mediana, the sister planet) a distinctive blue-green sky.


Mediosa has six seasons, which alternate depending on its orbit and the position of its moon/sister planet, Mediana.


Unlike earth, Mediosa lacks continents, though it does exhibit some limited technonic activity. Its surface is covered with soft, moist soil, interspersed with lakes, oceans, and rivers. Super-heavy elements, such as Nastium, Volantantium, Olium, Foolium and Nicotallium are common on Mediosa in the form of mineral deposits. Gold, silver, and platinum are also easy to find within the rocks on the surface.


Mediosa is largely a "flat" planet, though it has numerous hills with shallow inclines as well as shallow valleys formed by its numerous rivers.

Possible Life Before Ta'Elan ArrivalEdit

Mediosa's soil contains numerous organic compounds, and its outer atmosphere also contains traces of methane. The presence of these compounds has brought up the possibility of whether Mediosa was once inhabited before the Ta'Elans arrived. However, the Ta'Elans have determined that the organic compounds are "just part of the planet's make up" and not sourced from any kind of life forms. Due to such favourable conditions for life, Mediosa did not have to be terraformed upon colonization, nor did the Ta'Elans have to establish self contained "life gardens" as they did on some other planets.