Megachidna, the home star of the Ta'Elans, is a Thionic Hypergiant Star. Thionic Stars can shine indefinitely so long as they remain "fed" by the energy of other nearby stars.

The home system of the Ta'Elan race. The central star of the system is a Thionic Hypergiant called Megachidna, which is about 2700 times the size of our sun (constituting about 235 solar masses). Megachidna is orbitted by numerous smaller stars, including a white dwarf, a red dwarf, and an usual, dead neutron star. Other stars, including small main sequence stars, occupy loose orbits at vast distances from the central star, but provide light to the farest flung planets in the system. Along with these smaller stars, Megachidna is orbitted by 24 planets, ranging in size from 0.4 earth masses, to well over the size of Jupiter. Except for the two first planets in the system, which are red-hot gas giants, all of the planets in the system are solid and made of either rock or foam-like crystals. Interspersed between these planets, there are multiple asteroid belts, lonesome asteroids, and non-planetary celestial bodies, including comets, unnamed dwarf planets and "rogue moons", that orbit different planets from time to time.


While the precise location of the Megachidnus system within the Milky Way Galaxy is difficult to pinpoint from earth due to clouds of dust that periodically pass by, it is known to be 120 light years away from earth.

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The Megachidnus System is part of a larger cluster of stars and systems, which includes multiple other Thionic Hypergiants, along with Thionic "Kilogiant" and Supergiant stars. The presence of so many Thionic stars in one area of space indicates that there is an as yet unknown method of Thionic star generation that causes several of these stars to form at the same time.