Mediosan Mini Hornet
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Mediosan Mini Hornet
Primary Roles Patrol, Anti-narcotics Warfare
Secondary Roles Varied
Weapons Unknown
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Unknown
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

The Mediosan Mini Hornet is a small, but powerful fighter developed exclusively by Mediosa and Mediana. Despite its size, it is packed to capacity with weaponry, sensors and propulsion systems, and even has the ability to carry multiple missiles. Exactly why Mediosa's Hornet design team gave this small fighter so much fire power and speed is unknown, because its main intended role was simply to patrol land and sea for narcotics labs and shipment sites. On top of this, the Mini Hornet is a Physical Contact fighter, and has a Tallium 59 nose tip and Slizzaxes.

Secondarily, the Mini Hornet is used as an armed transport vessel. It has a standard capacity of six (not inclusive of the pilot), but can actually hold up to twelve persons maximum.

In atmospheric flight, the Mini Hornet is noted for its acrobatic ability, and is able to perform stunts that many other Hornets quite simply cannot. For this reason, it is a treasured ride among both new and veteran Hornet pilots, who crave the thrill of "living on the edge of death".