Nastium Oxide, (NsO3) is a compound of Nastium and Oxygen. Other combinations of Nastium and Oxygen are sometimes referred to as Nastium Oxide, but officially the term applies only to NsO3. Nastium Oxide is mildly toxic to humans, but is quickly filtered by the kidneys and liver. Results from various Ta'Elan studies have proven inconclusive as to whether Nastium Oxide poses a long-term health risk.

Occurrence In Nature Edit

Nastium Oxide is common in both the atmospheres and surfaces of many planets within the Megachidnus System, especially those which are in fact habitable. It is unclear why this compound is so common in habitable planets, but there does seem to be a notable correlation.

Physical Properties Edit

In nature, Nastium Oxide is usually found in three forms: two forms of solid, either as crystals or fine, non-crystalline dust, or gas (in ionized form, though not as plasma). Nastium Oxide dust gives planets such as Mediosa, Teros, and Dinostoria their distinctive blue and green colours.