Mysterious volcanic features found on some planets in the Megachidnus system and a few neigbouring systems. They consist of a single vent spewing a plume of dust and sometimes liquid (which can be water, magma, or liquid metals such as Tallium 40) and a single inlet, where the plume flows back into the planet. It is is believed that Reclia follow magnetic lines, but there is evidence of other factors being involved.

Even with their advanced technology, the Ta'Elans do not have a full explanation for this phenomenon.

Recyclian Planets Edit

Any planet that features Recylia is known as a Recyclian Planet. Only four such planets are known, and all exist within the Megachidnus System.

The known Recyclian Planets are:

The smallest of the known Recyclian planets, with only a single Reclia, which envelopes the smaller of its two moons, Shrelak'tiana.

The second-smallest of the Recyclian planets, but larger than earth. It has two Reclia and two moons.

The second largest of the Recyclian planets, with three Reclia and three moons.

The largest of the Recyclian planets, Multireclia, as the name suggest, has many Reclia (some are transient, but it has been known to feature up to 100 at a time). It has five moons and three rings.