SP21 TigerShark/TigerShark II
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GCN Multi-role Superiority Fighter, SP21 TigerShark
Primary Roles Multi-role, Air and Space Superiority Fighter
Secondary Roles Interceptor, Intruder
Weapons TODO
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Two GCN Xi-33 Hyperdrives with thrust vectoring

One Nuclear Drive with multiple redundant cores

Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

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Defenses: Weak force fields and Radar cloak. Can partially cloak itself visually under the right conditions.

Sensors: Night vision, ultraviolet vision, gamma ray sensors, neutrino-powered "x-ray vision" scanners, x-ray scanners, and spacial distortion sensors.

The SP21 "TigerShark" represents the most advanced GCN technology in one place. It is the main stay of most terrestrial and even some colonial (extraterrestrial) armies. Armed to the teeth and highly maneuverable, it can outgun and out handle most national and joint-strike fighters, and was part of the reason the GCN rose to power and brought some degree of peace both on earth and in earth's colonies.



A group of 1st Generation SP21 TigerSharks leaving base for a mission at night.

The first official fighter of the GCN Airforce, the SP21 TigerShark has gone through several iterations to become what we know today. From its origins in the aftermath of The Great War, it has risen to become the mainstay of the GCN Airforce, and has even made its way into space, alongside dedicated space faring fighters such as the Tumult, Havok and Chaos.

Intitial Protype (Pre-GCN Domination)Edit

Before The Great War, the world's super powers depended largely on unmanned-fighters such as the G1 SkyCaptain. At the time these advanced drones were cheap and easy to produce, and satisfied the need for an aerial presence on the battlefield. But, after The Great War began, everything changed. Unmanned fighters were seen as a representation of the cold, non-human thinking that was blamed for the failure of Mission : Illumination and the rampant greed fueling the world's ills. Furthermore, these brainless machines were beginning to show their limitations in battle, something that was once thought impossible with the supposed flexibility of warfare. The last manned fighters, such as the G2 SkyWeasel, were thrust back into the forefront of warfare, but with their numbers being few, it quickly became obvious that they would not be enough.


Having been stabilized during the early years of the GCN, the 1st Generation TigerShark went from a standard fighter to the ultimate air-superiority fighter the world had ever seen.