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Barbadian Sparakeet
Primary Roles Air-superiority Light Fighter, Recon, Seek-and-destroy Fighter, Interceptor
Secondary Roles Maritime Patrol, Anti-narcotics warfare fighter
Weapons Partially classified.


  • Two 35mm Cannons using flat-body rounds.
  • Two 55mm Acoustic Cannons (possibly of Ta'Elan origin).
  • Electronic Counter Measures
  • Spatial-distortion devices
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Partially Classified.


BB235 Hybrid-Hyperdrive

Cruising Speed Mach 2
Maximum Speed (Altitude and Location Dependent, Partly classified)
  • Mach 7
ELA Unknown

The Sparakeet is a Barbadian Air and Space Supremecy fighter craft, which was developed under the nose of the GCN. It has been alledged that the Sparakeet may have been developed with the assistance of alien technology that was discovered some time before 2900, but this remains as yet unconfirmed. Part of the evidence for this is that the Sparakeet's unique cloaking technology, weapons systems, and propulsion systems, are unlike those of any other human fighters, and somewhat resemble those of older alien vessels of Ta'Elan origin. However, the Barbadian authorities claim that they had no dealings with aliens nor did they capture any alien vessels.

The jury is still out on that.