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Axis Urban Cleanser
Primary Roles Unknown
Secondary Roles Unknown
Weapons Unknown
Sensors Unknown
Propulsion Unknown
Cruising Speed Unknown
Maximum Speed Unknown
ELA Unknown

Axizian Ground Unit: Urban Cleanser Roles: Urban environment cleansing operations vehicle; Rough terrain exploration; other.

Once the Kati and Moth hordes have done their work from the sky, the Urban Cleanser pushes things forward on the ground. It is said to be very effective at its job. Even the Ta'Elans express fear in the presence of this robotic organism.

Outfitted with tractor beams, lasers, Viper Cannons Arrays, and Coldilocks Nodes, the Urban Cleanser is more than well adapted for the Urban environments it is meant to dominate. Featuring 14 independent legs, it can handle almost any obstacle, even climbing walls if needed. It has a limited ability to fly, but is solely meant for ground usage. Apart from its legs it also has two "arms" with "hands" that can be used to manipulate objects in its environment, and two tentacles with currently unknown abilities. Data collected from the Ta'Elans indicates that they may have some sinister properties. Unlike most Axis air vehicles, the Urban Cleanser is completely undefended from behind, and only has a weak force field, which is used to soften its landing or to protect it from small projectiles.

Though capable of functioning on its own, the Urban Cleanser can also hold up to four human sized units, so it is possible it may also be used for transport by Axizian elite and shock troops.